Wildcatter of the Year

Wildcatter of the Year

The Wildcatter of the Year award is bestowed on only the most prominent leaders in the western oil and natural gas industry whose entrepreneurial spirit and exploratory work have contributed significantly to America’s energy security. Wildcatter of the Year recipients are also role models in the western community who have contributed significantly to the betterment of society. 

The term “wildcatter” originates from the 1880s when independent oilmen ranged across the West in hopes of discovering new or unproven oil reserves. The Wildcatter of the Year award was created in 1981, and nominations are based on the unique contributions and accomplishments of an industry leader, particularly in successful longtime oil and natural gas exploration and production in the West; community service; and support of industry activities and organizations.

Each year the winner is announced during Western Energy Alliance’s annual Wildcatter of the Year Gala attended by leaders in the independent oil and natural gas industry in the West. 

Wildcatters of the Year

Recipients      Year
Paul Rady2018
Barth Whitham2017
Harold Hamm2015
Ted Brown2013
James (Jim) Volker2012
Neal Stanley2011
Peter Dea2010
James Lightner2009
Neil (Mick) McMurry  2008
William Ballard2007
Harry Trueblood2006
Kenneth Luff2005
Thomas Petrie2004
Cortland Dietler2003
F.H. (Mick) Merelli2002
Donald Wolf2001
Rex Monahan2000
Robert Nance1999
Raymond Duncan1998
Robert Bayless1997
George Fancher1996
John Snyder1995
Edward Ackman1994
William Barrett1993
George Anderman1992
Wayne (Dusty) Biddle1991
Harvey Yates1990
Conely Smith1988
William Goodin1987
James Wallace1986
Thomas Vessels1984
Samuel Gary1983
Frederick Mayer1982
H. A. True1981