Powering America

Quick Facts

  • Every region of the country is dependent on Western oil and natural gas to provide heating for homes, to generate electricity, and to produce vital products for agriculture, manufacturing and consumers.
  • Because natural gas is clean, it provides a meaningful solution to improving air quality immediately, without additional costs to taxpayers.

Natural Gas is Powering America

This is an exciting time in our nation’s history, as the U.S. is leading a global renaissance in natural gas development, and employing new technologies and millions of American workers to make an enormous domestic supply of clean energy available for many generations to come. Technological breakthroughs have made rich reserves of natural gas widely available, introducing price stability to once volatile natural gas markets and uncovering a more than 100-year supply of reserves. The price of natural gas has decreased by 67 percent since 2008.

Low prices and increasing production enable the increased use of natural gas in our economy. Increased natural gas electricity generation significantly reduces emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants.  More use of natural gas vehicles will help us reduce imports of foreign oil. The manufacturing sector is planning new facilities in the U.S. to take advantage of our low prices, and Europe and Asia hope to import our liquefied natural gas (LNG).